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As a young and aspiring DJ, Def Jeff quickly became the go-to DJ in the Central Valley for major corporate clients such as: Victoria Secrets, BeBe, Ecko Unltd, and American Eagle. He has also been seen partying with some of the biggest Vegas djs like: Splyce, Shift, Red, Rocket-Scientist, and DJ Tease. His passion for […]

DJ Ayana Soyini is an international artist, DJ & music producer dedicated to community and self-empowerment through the creative arts. She has been traveling the world playing, creating, releasing and promoting music for over 25 years!

Techno from Germany has a long-standing tradition and many faces. One of its most famous is FELIX KROECHER from Frankfurt. Despite only being 30 years old, he helped shape electronic music since the mid 00 years. With his very own interpretation of techno he presents the zeitgeist in a way that does not care about […]

Freelance radio presenter, voice over artist and podcaster.

A bond created by music is hard to break, join this up with brotherly love and it’s a force that’s totally unstoppable. This is certainly the case with Armia and Arsham, better known as the Vessbroz, an electronic DJ/Producer duo whose back catalogue and fan base speaks for itself. With a background in classical music, […]

Drumcomplex the Mass Movement Phenomenon Work-sharing is not uncommon with Techno duos. On the contrary, it is the rule rather than the exception. On the Techno scene this is only natural. One of the counterparts, with the right training, focuses on the professional record production output, while the extroverted one faces the raised fists of […]

With more than 10 years of international experience behind him, Oscar L is one of the essential names of the Iberian electronic scene. Personality, perseverance and energy define him and are qualities that are also found in his particular sound, a combination of influences and peculiarities that have caught the attention of the best labels […]

Cristian Varela celebrates 25 years of his career. Cristian plays a very important roll in the history of electronic music in Spain, being an indispensable part in the construction of the national industry of dance music and one of Spain’s pioneer international artists. The artist from Madrid writes in first person some of the most […]

Danu5ik is an upcoming international EDM DJ and producer from London. A gifted musician, writer and performer, his music embodies dynamic beats, hypnotic vocals, and an overall infectious nature that captivates his audience. With the ability to have an ever lasting impact and bring energy to any room he plays in, it is always an experience when he touches […]

Michele Mausi started his career in the early 90’s with Subway Records. He was also the resident DJ in the first techno parties in Europe. Now from his new label [R]3volution Records, is born [R]3volution Radio!

Christian Smith is one of the world’s leading exponents of techno, both as a DJ and producer he is always bold and innovative. With his output in recent years it is hard to imagine a list of prolific producers without his name towards the top. He has been at the top of his game for […]

With over 66 million + listens and profile views surpassing the population of California; the biggest state in the USA, in past year on Music platform since July 2018; Corey Biggs has become a universal recording producer sensation. 8 years ago getting his DJ radio start of his show, on Jessie Saunders & Wayne […]