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Team Members

When he’s not busy running the station, he’s spinning those tunes and spreading the word of Aviation!

Byron – Captain BMAC is a Gulfstream pilot! Providing Expert Aviation Insights & Correspondence for Flight Level Radio.

Paul is an active duty F-35 Crew Chief with the US Air Force! Expect the best of Classic Rock & Exciting Topics on ATC, Military history and current events.

Chase is a Professional Pilot student at the University of Oklahoma College of Professional and Continuing Studies. He is pursuing a career as a pilot, as a well as a technology professional. Imagine That!

From Monologue to Panel discussions and Jazz to Rock, “The Stick” is really Shakin’ it!

You may know him by Anthony or DJ Alpha Echo but one thing remains the same. The music. You’ll be sure to crank the volume up when Anthony hits the airwaves. From 70s rock to today’s rock, Anthony is able to accomodate to a wide range of tastes during his shows. Be careful though, he […]

MNLR takes you every week for a deep journey into music, Where the best and latest tunes of the underground scene from all around the globe will be spinning during the show. So, what you are waiting for!? Tune in Sit Tight and Enjoy the Ride!

Cristian Paduraru is a motivational music composer and family life coach, born in 1980 in Bucharest Romania, parenting 5 children.

Icon. Living legend. Both definitions that apply to Marco Bailey, a self-taught dj and producer whose career started to develop in the late 80s after attending a local club in his native Belgium, and being completely seduced by the rhythmic power of dance music. That was when all changed. A first approach that triggered the […]

Richie Haley is without a doubt one of the most promising upcoming talents of Europe’s new DJ/Producers generation. At the age of 12, he won just like Martin Garrix the national DJ/producers contest. The contest jury composed out of Tomorrowland dj’s and music industry professionals agreed; Richie Haley is the one to watch ! When […]

MONDO was born in Brooklyn, NY and at a very young age took an interest in the family record collection. . MONDO developed a strong passion for dance music, then known as Disco. He found himself enamored by the downtown NYC music scene, which at the time, was the most elite school for culture and […]