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With over 66 million + listens and profile views surpassing the population of California; the biggest state in the USA, in past year on Music platform since July 2018; Corey Biggs has become a universal recording producer sensation. 8 years ago getting his DJ radio start of his show, on Jessie Saunders & Wayne Williams (The Chosen Few) Electric Music Cafe radio station every Saturday for 1 hr. The show in the first year become then syndicated on broadcast Ground FM in Netherlands in 2012 and then syndicated to present day Syndicast on over 54 radio stations and internet world wide to present 8 years, Corey Biggs Presents Music Is The Drug.

Corey Biggs is the Label owner of Professional Rockstars Records & Music Is The Drug along with many other sub labels . He produces under many aliases, Rockstar, Merlin & Jaguar Boy and his Discogs is in the syllogism of the length of record creations; the length syllogism of Al Capone’s & Lucky Luciano’s Police rap sheet. .

Corey Biggs has worked with almost every Recording producer, Fashion Designer, and dj whether prolific, just getting started, celebrity artists or even the dead, in creating beneficial partnerships. In 2005 was first Music Social Media platform and was digital distribution for Atlantic Records. In 2007 was top 10,000 website in world on Alexa and was feature in a article in PC Magazine as leader in podcasting in the world had exactly 200 million member profiles. In 2015 the Professional Rockstars Records & Music Is The Drug Digital Labels were launched on the now defunct Beatport’s Baseware Distribution. In 2016, Professional Rockstars Records & Music is the Drug partnered with the iconic and legendary Bonzai Music which was founded in 1992 by Fly Bonzai, with support of his parents. In 2016, the digital labels of Göbekli Tepe & Serapis were launched. In 2019; the Corey Biggs intellectual property is the most bootlegged artists’ in the world with regards to his music releases and labels.

What comes next is unknown so welcome to Music Is The Drug and lets take your higher, beyond and above.